Beauty, Hair and Health in Wuppertal

Many hotels in Wuppertal now have spa facilities which are ideal if you are looking for a spa day as part of a longer break. Health spas and heath farms offer the ultimate in relaxation – dedicated facilities which exist solely to help you unwind and recharge. Health spas are focused on health and fitness at every level right down to the menus in the restaurants. Some spas extend this to not serving alcohol so if you fancy a drink on an evening to help you unwind it’s a good idea to check there are bar facilities.

Hamam Wuppertal

Hamam Wuppertal in Wuppertal

From the head to the toes, you are wrapped in wonderfully creamy foam and massaged. This massage gives you a wonderful feeling of external and internal cleansing. Your immune system is strengthened and the soothing relaxation is a pleasure.
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My Thaimassage- wellness and relaxation

My Thaimassage- wellness and relaxation massages in Wuppertal

Inexpensive and good, this is how the providers of Thai massage present themselves. The targeted treatment of acupuncture points and energy channels in the body characterize the special traditional Thai massage.
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Wellness Spa Oasis

Wellness Spa Oasis in Wuppertal

Well & Sports Oasis was founded in 2007 with the idea of ​​helping people who can not make it on their own. And to build a studio that is quite different from conventional studios. We offer you a wide range of different training options and methods to get you there in no time.
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