Golf Clubs in Wuppertal

Golf is one of the most popular sports in Germany. As well as being a fun and entertaining for people of all ages, it can be played both by beginners and people, who have played it before and the enthusiasm will be there in both situations. As well as playing with your family, you can also play it with your family.

Adventuregolf - Wuppertal

Adventuregolf - Wuppertal in Wuppertal

On the edge of the Barmer facilities is located in the whole Bergisches Land and far beyond unique Adventure Minigolfbahn on artificial turf. On 18 tracks with obstacles made of natural materials and different levels of difficulty, big and small can compete with the miniature golf.
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Golf Club Bergisch Land Wuppertal e.V

Golf Club Bergisch Land Wuppertal e.V in Wuppertal

The Golf Club Bergisch Land offers its members and their guests a retreat for sports and recreation in nature. We are one of the leading golf clubs in the region. Since 1928, the GCBL operates a high-quality and traditional golf course in the heart of the Bergisches Land. We are one of the oldest golf clubs in Germany and feel committed to this tradition.
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Public. Golf course on Mollenkotten

Public. Golf course on Mollenkotten Wuppertal in Wuppertal

Ever wanted to know what should be so great on the Gulf? On this strange old man sport, which, however, more and more young people discover for themselves? You are right here! Because with us everyone can swing the bat and learn the game of golf.
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